Since I started on the Minneapolis School Board in 2011, I’ve been proud of what we’ve accomplished. There have been challenges, battles, and times when things didn’t go smoothly. But now, in March 2014, we’ve negotiated a groundbreaking new teachers contract, have a district enrollment plan that looks to solve equity problems in our system, while welcoming families back into the system, and we’re back on sound financial footing for the first time in years.

Making our schools better is not about quick fixes or “silver bullets”. It’s about realizing the many complexities and understanding that sometimes compromising is the best way to make things better. It’s about listening to the concerns of both policy experts and worried parents. It’s about teachers, school leadership, and communities all getting stronger.

This is not a time for banner-waving or angry rhetoric. Too much is at stake. I invite you to come along with me as we, together, work to make our children’s schools the best they can be.

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