Jenny Arneson

Since I started on the Minneapolis School Board in 2011, I’ve been proud of what we’ve accomplished. There have been challenges, battles, and times when things didn’t go smoothly, but looking ahead, we hired a strong, new Superintendent who is prepared to lead our district toward stability and success for all students. In addition to hiring a Superintendent, over the past term, we accomplished:

  • Expanding recess to 30 minutes at every elementary school
  • Opening a new community school at Webster
  • Creating and supporting the Office of Black Male Achievement
  • Expanding curriculum at Edison
  • Creating and supporting an internal residency program to increase the number of teachers of color
  • Collaborating across jurisdictions to improve athletic facilities at Edison and see as a leader in the city in working with others for expanded resources.

We have many things that should make us excited about our schools and yet, there will be challenges ahead. Education is consistently underfunded, and it will be essential for Minneapolis to advocate together for the proper resources for our students. In particular, it’s time to work with our partners at the State to insist on resources for our special education students.

Making our schools better is not about quick fixes or “silver bullets”. It’s about realizing the many complexities, and about understanding that, sometimes, compromising is the best way to make things better. It’s about listening to the concerns of both policy experts and worried parents. It’s about teachers, school leadership, and communities all getting stronger.

This is not the time for banner-waving or angry rhetoric. Too much is at stake. I invite you to come along with me as, together, we work to make our children’s schools the best they can be.